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SEMSS is an American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) regional meeting that brings together aspiring physician scientists from schools around the southeastern United States. This event is primarily organized and attended by MD, MD/PhD, and undergraduate students, with many opportunities for students to present their work. We feature outstanding plenary and keynote speakers, representing the best and newest ideas in fundamental, clinical, and translational science. We are proud of seven years of fostering a collaborative and interdisciplinary educational environment for biomedical science trainees within the region.


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The desire of physicians to deliver the best care possible to their patients does not come without significant obstacles. Challenged by increasing patient complexities, an ever-changing medical landscape, and advancing medical technology, physicians are now called to transition seamlessly between following the standard modes of patient care and pushing medicine forward with novel treatments and cutting-edge practices.  The Southeastern Medical Scientist Symposium attempts to address some of these challenges and more, in addition to giving its attendees the opportunity to learn from and network with successful physician scientists. 




Scientists conducting research strive to transform their discoveries of disease processes into new diagnostics, therapies, and patient management strategies. Whether conducting clinical trials, pre-clinical studies, or basic science research, scientists are continually challenged by ever-advancing knowledge in their field of interest, increased research costs and funding shortages, and increasing research complexity. The Southeastern Medical Scientist Symposium addresses the roadblocks facing scientists today as well as presenting novel advances in medical research by current physician scientists.



The annual Southeastern Medical Scientist Symposium is hosted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Emory University, and Vanderbilt University, in partnership with the American Physician Scientists Association (APSA). SEMSS brings MD/PhD students and physician scientists together from schools around the southeastern United States to encourage a collaborative and interdisciplinary educational environment within the region, while fostering the continuation of institutional ties. It is our hope that collaborations with colleagues that begin at SEMSS will last a lifetime.